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A brief and silly post about smelly Franks

I just stumbled onto this little gem today during lunch at work in Notker the Stammerer’s Life of Charlemagne, and I figured that the world (which is comprised of the three people who read this blog) needed to see. Without … Continue reading

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The Basileus in Byzantium

In the reign of Herakleios (r. 610-641) the Roman emperor took for the first time the Greek title of βασιλεύς (basileus). This has been regarded by many as one of the potential dates for the foundation of Byzantium and the … Continue reading

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The Church of the Holy Apostles

Visitors to Istanbul today cannot miss Justinian’s enormous Hagia Sophia. What most are likely unaware of is that while the Hagia Sophia was always the main church in Byzantine Constantinople, another church which has disappeared today consistently served as the … Continue reading

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