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A very brief note on why I use AD and not CE

Although I have no quantitative data to support my supposition, it seems that increasing numbers of academic works are coming to use BCE/CE as a dating system. AD stands for anno Domini, Latin for “in the year of the Lord”. … Continue reading

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The Lack(?) of Sources for Early Islamic History

Since at least the time of Henri Pirenne, the idea that the Muslim conquests brought an end to classical world has received some respect. The collapse of the Mediterranean economy, as Pirenne has argued, ushered in the so-called “Dark Ages.” … Continue reading

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The World in 640 A.D.

[This was put together as an attempt to collect my thoughts before a give a brief introduction to the topic in the title in the Greek reading group I’m organizing this summer. Since I normally write boring, argumentative stuff I … Continue reading

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Genesis 21:13 and Islam

I met the author and blogger Lee Harmon on Goodreads, where I’ve put far too much time and effort into cataloguing my personal library. I’ve always found him to be nothing short of a scholar and a gentleman. We’ve communicated … Continue reading

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It has been a while, so I suppose that I ought to give an update to prove that I am still alive. I’m currently back in northern Alberta after doing a tour in Latin Palaeography; I mean, a semester of … Continue reading

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