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A very brief note on why I use AD and not CE

Although I have no quantitative data to support my supposition, it seems that increasing numbers of academic works are coming to use BCE/CE as a dating system. AD stands for anno Domini, Latin for “in the year of the Lord”. … Continue reading

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Jesus, Historicity, and Exorcism, Part 1

I still intend to write up a brief summary on Christian codices, but for now I want to continue my previous post on Jesus. Jesus’ Jewishness has hardly been discussed in full, and I want to briefly touch upon one … Continue reading

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A response to my South African friends on modern scholars putting Jesus into an alien context

Honestly, my post on the Christian use of codices in the 2nd and 3rd centuries is coming. However, I didn’t want to just put this up as one more obscure Facebook post. For those not familiar, Quintin, a friend from … Continue reading

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